Friday, September 13, 2013

Ragini MMS 2 Trailer Released on 12 September 2013

Ragini MMS 2 trailer, Once again sunny leone will be seen in her new upcoming movie. The movie title is Ragini MMS 2. The release date of Ragini MMS part 2 has not confirmed. Ragini MMS 2 trailer was released on 12 September 2013. In Ragini MMS 2 trailer sunny leone  is looking a witch. Ragini MMS 2 trailer is 2nd movie of sunny leone. Jism 2 was first movie of sunny leone. Jism 2 was not a successesfull but it was only a average movie.

The Ragini MMS 2 Trailer movie is an upcoming thriller horror and Romance type movie. Ragini MMS 2 is directed by Bhushan patel. Ragini MMS 2 is the sequel of Horror movie Ragini MMS. Ragini MMS 2 is produced by Ekta kapoor and Shobha kapoor.
Sunny leone is the porn star. She is Adult Actresses. Sunny leone will play lead role in Ragini MMS 2.
The ragini MMS 2 May be released on 17 January 2014. Ragini MMS 2 story  is very good.


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